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Exceptionally gifted people are those who achieve a score  of 145 or higher on an IQ test or who have been assessed by an experienced specialist as being exceptionally gifted. Exceptional giftedness can’t always be measured by means of a standard test. They are people who developed extremely asynchronously as children and in whom enhanced cognitive skills and heightened intensity together result in inner experiences and awareness that differ qualitatively from the norm. The diversity of characteristics in exceptionally gifted children and adults is unusually great and the personal preferences differ greatly.

My name is Renata Hamsikova and my specialism is counselling exceptionally gifted children, coaching their parents and providing tailored recommendations for education. Read here more about me.

Exceptionally Gifted (IQ 145+)

Exceptionally gifted children either score 145+ in an IQ test or are suspected to be exceptionally gifted by an experienced specialist. Since such children are often particularly difficult to test (due to their asynchronous development), expertise and experience are needed to identify them as being exceptionally gifted.

No single list of characteristics identifies the exceptionally gifted because there is as much talent found in the top 1% of the IQ distribution as there is in the entire range of the 1st to the 99th percentile.

In English-speaking countries, the IQ can be measured up to 210. It’s important for both parents and professionals (teachers, internal support coordinators, coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists) to realise that exceptionally gifted children go through an asynchronous development, in which enhanced cognitive skills and heightened intensity result in inner experiences and awareness that differ qualitatively from the norm.

Services 145+

  • Counselling your child
  • Didactic examination of your child
  • Coaching parents
  • Advising for school and training of teachers

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