For highly gifted rebels (in the making), adults, young adults and children:

This page describes  my vision on helping our society and the world to progress. I focus on a group of people – the highly gifted – whose ideas, commitment, spirituality, intellect, intenseness, creativity, determination, daring and discipline can have a big impact on the progress of many. But they mustn’t let themselves be pigeon-holed!

My main mission is to create awareness of the fact that every highly gifted child (and adult) has the right to be themselves, an individual able to take on the world, self-reliant and self-managing, who dares to be their own person in every respect and who doesn’t hide away.

Highly gifted children are intelligent and autonomous; they try to forge a path for themselves outside the established frameworks, norms and expectations. They want to discover and follow their passion, completely ignoring other people’s opinions. I believe that’s the only way to be free. I would like to inspire you and help you discover who you really are, so that you can help your child to choose their own path and be a highly gifted rebel. The fact is that only people who are free can create a community in which happiness and freedom are defined in terms of genuine freedom: to be who you are without letting yourself be told who you should be.

Genuine freedom for the individual, who at the same time is responsible for the well-being of the whole. Highly gifted people can make a big difference there but first, there must be awareness, starting with the parents and counsellors of highly gifted and exceptionally gifted children.

Contributions to our planet

If the most intelligent children are given scope to be able to become their own person and grow into autonomous adults, they can make an exceptional contribution to all of society. And I’m not just talking about Nobel prize-worthy breakthroughs. I’m talking about all the commitment that leads to an increase in the well-being of many. Whether that involves running a children’s farm or a restaurant, writing a book, being an honest accountant or politician or a teacher, a scientist or an empathic baker… it doesn’t matter. It’s your energy and passion that can move mountains.

I firmly believe that precisely the fact that you know who you are and you live your life based on authenticity, can inspire people to dare to be themselves. Your energy and charisma are contagious. That way, fewer and fewer people will wear a mask, all of society will be more authentic and fewer people will live in fear.

How do I aim to achieve this?

By teaching you how to use a compass and a map. Exceptionally gifted children (and adults) lose their way in the world of the average. Schools teach in a certain way, people interact in groups in a certain way. It’s often black and white, right or wrong, in or out, join in or be left out, be friends or not, be happy or angry. A nuance is lacking that exceptionally gifted people naturally need and always apply intuitively. Because children are trained from an early age to fit in with the world of the average, they lose themselves.

You need a compass and a map. If you have a map, if you know who you are, you can navigate through the world, through the system that has been set up by averagely gifted people. It’s the same with the school system – parents often try to adapt the system to the child but that doesn’t teach the child to live according to their own power and from their core. The child learns that adapting is the norm and becomes dependent on that. The fact is, it’s important to teach a highly gifted child to apply self-insight, to learn self-management skills so that, regardless of what others do or think about it, the child remains resilient and independent. They can then ultimately learn to trust their own compass.


Exceptionally gifted people are a statistically rare percentage of the human population (0.5%). We are hard to find, but if we actively hide who we are, if we feel incapable or unworthy of expressing our authenticity or, worse still, are not even able to get to know our authentic selves in the first place, our chances of connecting with each other decrease. We need exceptionally gifted people who show their authentic self and are recognisable. We need their models, inspiration, creations and pathos for the current and future generations. We can also fulfil that role for other exceptionally gifted people in the world by having the courage and honesty to accept and to love, to experience and to express, to be, to do and to share who and what we are.

Your true face

If you are allowed to be yourself, you will never have low self-esteem or feel unworthy because you’re not dependent on the opinions of others. The feeling of unworthiness is the result of being burdened with the unnatural demands made by everyone around you. No-one likes you just as you are; they all want you to be this or that. It’s natural that you want to comply with those demands but to do so, you’ll have to lose yourself. You’ll be a hypocrite and what does that get you? Will you be respected or rewarded? If you do what’s expected of you, the loss is great because you lose your soul; you will then have lost your most important being and consciousness.

You mustn’t teach children to make others happy, on the contrary, they should learn to make themselves happy.

There’s only one way people can be happy – by being authentic.

That’s when they’re joyful and full of life. They’re no longer dead on the inside, they’ve removed their mask and they’re completely themselves. They no longer want to meet anyone’s expectations and they don’t wait for approval. They’re authentic; they’re a rebel.

Other rebels

There’s nothing more thrilling, wilder and more free that finding a soul that shares that freedom with you…

Rebels can be travelling companions. They may enjoy being together, dancing together, singing, crying and feeling together. They can blend into a community without giving up any of their individuality. On the contrary, the community of rebels refreshes everyone’s individuality, nourishes everyone’s individuality, values and respects everyone’s individuality.

The core values of a highly gifted rebel: autonomy, authenticity and freedom.


The logo of the ‘Highly gifted rebel in the making’ movement is based on the golden mean – the division of a segment into two parts in a specific proportion, where the larger of the two parts is in the same proportion to the smaller part as the whole segment is to the larger part.

I see this as an analogy for exceptionally gifted people (smaller part) in relation to the world (larger part) and it clearly displays the reason for the group: the deeper one goes, the more complex it becomes but at the same time, more honest and more beautiful, separate from outside influences.

Would you also like to contribute?

Connect with other highly gifted rebels (adults), keep up to date with new activities and receive other information and suggestions. Together we can brainstorm, learn, create and contribute. I would like to take the lead by facilitating and connecting. Connecting people in order to develop together, to grow and to progress.

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